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Save the Date ! Sept 28th - Bicentennial of the Farewell Tour of Lafayette !

Dernière mise à jour : 8 févr.

Throughout 2024–2025, the American Friends of Lafayette will host educational programming across the United States and in France to commemorate the Bicentennial of Lafayette’s return to America as the “Guest of the Nation" in partnership with the Honorary Consulate in Philadelphia, The Consulate General in DC and the French Embassy in Washington.

There will be hundreds of planned events, both in large cities such as Philadelphia : New York, Boston, Baltimore, Charleston, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Savannah, as well as in the multitude of small towns Lafayette visited, still brimming with pride that America’s favorite fighting Frenchman came through their municipality. 

The goal is to educate the public about the roles played by both Lafayette and France in our war for independence. We will accomplish this through planned festivities, informative programing, and meaningful remembrances.

Bicentennial of Lafayette's Farewell Tour 2024-2025

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